Staff list


Name Role Telephone Email
Mr. P. Marcadent Chief +41.22.799.6685
Ms. C. Piper Head Secretary +41.22.799.7646
Ms. A. Flores-Girod Administrative Assistant +41.22.799.6659
Mr. P. Belser Senior Economist, Wage Specialist +41.22.799.7125
Ms. F. Bonnet Labour Market Specialist +41.22.799.7267
Ms. A. M. Boyd Legal Specialist +41.22.799.7513
Ms. C. Braga Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining Officer +41.22.799.7718
Mr. N. Cunha Senior Labour Market Institutions Specialist +41.22.799.6123
Ms. G. De Lazzari Economist, Wage Specialist +41.22.799.8067
Ms. A. Duval Jr Professional Officer +41.22.799.7264
Mr. N. Ghosheh Legal Specialist +41.22.799.6284
Ms. C. Hobden Technical Officer, Working Conditions, Domestic Work +41.22.799.6425
Ms. M. Humblet Senior Working Time Specialist +41.22.799.6756
Ms. E. Lopez Mourelo Project Manager, Setting Adequate Wages +41.22.799.6406
Ms. A. Migliore Technical Officer, Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining +41.22.799.7294
Ms. K. Muller Administrative Assistant, Setting Adequate Wages +41.22.799.6463
Mr. J. Ritchotte Senior Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining Specialist +41.22.799.7663
Ms. V. Schmidt Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining Specialist +41.22.799.8221
Mr. S. Suarez Dillon Soares Economist, Labour Market Specialist +41.22.799.6827
Ms. R. Vazquez-Alvarez Economist, Labour Market and Wage Policies specialist +41.22.799.7566
Mr. D. Xu Economist +41.22.799.7394


Field Office Name Role Email
CO-Abidjan Mr. U. O. Dje Toa Bi National coordinator, Setting Adequate Wages
CO-Addis Ababa Mr. K. Chala Fulas Program Manager, A programme on Advancing Decent Work and inclusive industrialization in Ethiopia
DWT-Bangkok Mr. X. Estupinan Wages Specialist
DWT-Bangkok Mr. A. Kumar Collective Bargaining and Social Dialogue Specialist
DWT/CO-Budapest Ms. M. J. Chamorro Formalization and Gender Equality Specialist
CO-Bueno Aires Ms C. F. Lavena Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist
DWT/CO-Cairo Mr. G. Delautre Wages and Social Dialogue Specialist
CO-Colombo Mr. A. Satpathy Wages Specialist for South Asia
DWT/CO-Dakar Ms. F. Amoussou Kouetete Social Dialogue and Labour Administration Specialist
CO-Dhaka Mr. N. Ramjuthan CTA, Promoting Social Dialogue and Harmonious Industrial Relations in Bangladesh Ready-Made Garment Industry
CO-Hanoi Ms. V. K. Hue National Project Officer, Setting Adequate Wages
CO-Harare Ms. A. Kiaga Informal Economy Specialist
CO-Islamabad Ms. K. Phaokhamkeo Project Manager
DWT/CO-Mexico Mr. G. Martinez Employment Policy Specialist
DWT/CO-New Delhi Ms. B. Birla CTA, Informality in Global Supply Chains
DWT/CO-New Delhi Mr. M. Naidoo Social Dialogue and Labour Administration Specialist
DWT/CO-New Delhi Mr R. Prakash National Project Coordinator,Setting Adequate Wages
DWT/CO-Pretoria Mr. L. Mandoro Social Dialogue and Labour Administration Specialist
DWT/CO-San Jose Mr. J. P. Vega Herrero National Programme Officer,Setting Adequate Wages
DWT/CO-Santiago Ms. S. Gontero Wages and Working Time Specialist
DWT/Yaoundé Mr. M. Diagne Social Dialogue and Labour Administration Specialist