Capacity Building

Increased capacities of employers’ and workers’ organizations to participate effectively in the development of social and labour policy (Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa and Vanuatu)

This project, “Building bipartite social dialogue and action to support Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) achievement, and especially the just transition to environmental sustainability through Decent Work”, responds to mitigating the impact that climate change induced disasters have on achieving Decent Work and SDGs.

Constituents at the Pacific Tripartite High Level Forum in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea 2019.

The ILO’s tripartite constituents in the Pacific have recognised and prioritised the need for adaptive capacities in labour markets and labour market institutions in order to effectively prepare for and respond to increasing regular and extreme climate events. Employers and workers have been the most affected when their physical and support infrastructures have been damaged by these extreme events and need to develop adaptive capacities to enable them and their members, and particularly micro- and small and medium-sized businesses, to minimise the impacts of these extreme events.

This project therefore supports the ILO’s employers’ and workers’ organisations, to participate in and/or contribute to national SDG processes, implementation and monitoring and to promote and advocate for their “developmental” value. The core capacities and systems of employers’ and workers’ organisations will be enhanced to effectively dialogue and take action on issues of common interest to support the achievement of the SDGs, and in particular climate resilience and a just transition to environmental sustainability through decent work. Gender is mainstreamed throughout the project and dedicated actions taken towards addressing any identified gender gaps and to include the participation, voice and representation of women, youth and people with disabilities.

The project results will be shared with other Pacific SIDS to enhance the longer term sustainability of SDGs achievements.

In short the project will:
  • Build core capacities for effective bi-partite and tripartite dialogue
  • Enhance information and knowledge bases and platforms
  • Facilitate MSMEs to prepare for and respond to climate events
  • Share information and knowledge across the Pacific region