Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO has completed an educational program for VET management teams in Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation

The "Managing the changes in the VET system to strengthen regional economy”, international educational program for colleges and secondary vocational education institutions was completed in the Arkhangelsk region.

Article | Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation | 01 July 2020
E-training, by SKOLKOVO
July 1, Moscow - Arkhangelsk - “Managing the changes in the VET system to strengthen regional economy”, international educational program for colleges and secondary vocational education institutions was completed in the Arkhangelsk region. The program was implemented by the SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management in the framework of the International Program to Strengthen VET Systems and Labour Markets in the CIS, Asia, and the Middle East.

A key feature of the program is the training of regional VET management teams in leading management practices and mechanisms for interacting with employers.

The main goal of the program is developing effective organizational strategies for VET institutions and educational programs for the needs of priority sectors of the economy, taking into account the analysis of clients, customers, best educational practices, behavioral skills of the team, social capital and partners.

The first module of the five-module program was carried out in person at the Arkhangelsk Polytechnic College. In connection with the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the project team was forced to redesign the program and to carry out the remaining modules in an online format. Thanks to this, it was possible to bring more expertise. Leading experts in the fields of education management and technological entrepreneurship, as well as graduates of previous programs were involved. Project work was guided by moderators. Participants also took part in a computer simulation of managing virtual VET institutions as additional training.
Olga Nazaykinskaya, Program Director, Director of the SKOLKOVO Education Development Center about the program: "SKOLKOVO Education Development Centre (SEDeC) is the centre of expertise and executive training in the field of education. Our core competence is strategic development and transformation of educational institutions: Universities, VET-Institutions and secondary schools. In terms of our educational programs we do not only improve management skills, but also assist the participants in elaborating projects for transforming their institutions”.

«Region-Profi» program is based on three pillars:
  1. individual leadership development;
  2. close collaboration between VET-Institutions and industrial partners in development of new VET-programs,
  3. the impact on the socio-economic development of the region. ".

We made the Program as practical as possible. The teams needed to understand the logic of managers of the enterprises that their graduates would work for, design a prototype for an educational program based on this understanding, validate the prototype to ensure that the program is in line with the market, and begin to implement educational programs."

Pavel Bilenko, Head of educational programs at Industry 4.0, professor at the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO
This work resulted in synchronous and asynchronous sessions created by teams independently or together with partners from industry and technology.

These sessions are combined into educational programs of the new generation: for training specialists in the service and hospitality industry, in robotics, new manufacturing and telecommunication technologies.
As a result, the teams of VET institutions of the Arkhangelsk Region together with the team of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO have designed and launched new generation educational programs for training specialists to ensure the efficiency of the Russian Federation economy".

9 leading colleges of the Arkhangelsk region took part in the program, which as the result presented 8 strategic development projects. Management teams submitted the final projects to the expert board consisting of more than 20 experts – representatives of regional authorities, major industrial and technological partners, employers of the region and experts in the field of educational transformation.

The subjects of the presented projects were related to additive technologies, heat engineering equipment, digitalization of housing and communal services, engineering, telecommunications and robotic welding spheres.
Dmitry Ermolenko, Director of the Arkhangelsk Polytechnic College about the results of the program: "The program has become a movement for professional development of team members! Institutional team should be in constant search for partners not only within the region, but also outside it, be able to communicate with them, be flexible in implementing programs, deeply analyze topics for development that it promotes, know how to “package” the new program correctly. It is important not to hesitate and go beyond the confines of the institution's space, to offer educational services for specific consumers.

We will apply the forms of training used for students of the Program in the educational process and in teamwork, including tools for organizing distance learning.

We believe that the trajectory of the region's development for the coming decades will be associated with the introduction and development of additive technologies. During the training period the team of the Arkhangelsk Polytechnic College developed a program for the training of specialists in additive technologies together with industrial and social partners, which will become the flagship in the development of other programs of secondary vocational education implemented by the institution".

A similar program will be implemented in the Primorsky region, starting in the Fall of 2020.