5-16 June 2023

General Discussion Committee on a Just Transition

General information

The Committee met from Monday 5 June to Wednesday 14 June 2023.

The plan of work of the Committee was composed of three segments:

5-6 June:
General discussion in plenary of Committee based on Report VI - Achieving a just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies for all and on the points for discussion (see below)

8-9 June:
Preparation of the draft outcome document (Conclusions) of the Committee by the drafting group

12-14 June:
Discussion of amendments to the draft conclusions in plenary of Committee.

At its final sitting, the Committee adopted a proposed resolution and conclusions (Record No. 7A below) submitted to the plenary of the Conference for adoption on 16 June.

The report of the Committee on its proceedings, as approved by the Officers of the Committee on behalf of the Committee, is now available on the Conference website in Record No. 7B, below.
Committee members had the possibility to submit corrections to their own statements appearing in the report until 7 July 2023.