Publications on youth employment

  1. Promoting job creation for young people in multinational enterprises and their supply chains: Sierra Leone

    14 December 2010

    Employment Sector - Employment Report No. 8

  2. Gundo Lashu (Our Victory): Labour intensive public roads programmes in South Africa

    01 December 2010

    With more than 25 per cent of jobless people, the Republic of South Africa is faced with rampant unemployment – coupled with high levels of poverty and a lack of skills. As part of the South African Government’s strategy to provide poverty and income relief through temporary work, the labour intensive Expanded Public Works Programme was introduced in 2004. It received technical support from the ILO, which is also assisting the Government with the development and formulation of policy. South African journalist Eleanor Momberg reports from Johannesburg.

  3. Promoting a recovery focused on jobs

    01 December 2010

    The global financial crisis has led to the highest level of unemployment ever recorded – 210 million people. This has sharpened prior international concern about the failure of the global economy to generate enough decent work opportunities in all countries.

  4. Decent Work and Youth in Latin America 2010

    03 November 2010

    The report shows the educational and employment situation of young people in Latin America including a description of the most important indicators, an analysis on the causes and consequences, and the challenges that youth access to productive and decent work poses to governments and other stakeholders in the region, and possible courses of action to address them.

  5. Promoting job creation for young people in multinational enterprises and their supply chains: Liberia

    02 September 2010

    Employment Sector - Employment Report No. 7

  6. Global Employment Trends for Youth, August 2010

    12 August 2010

    The report presents the latest global and regional labour market trends for youth and specifically explores how the global economic crisis has exposed the vulnerabilities of young people around the world. In developed economies, the crisis has led to the highest youth unemployment rates on record, while in developing economies – where 90 per cent of the world’s youth live – the crisis threatens to exacerbates the challenges of rampant decent work deficits, adding to the number of young people who find themselves stuck in working poverty and thus prolonging the cycle of working poverty through at least another generation.

  7. Fact sheet on Youth Employment 2010

    11 August 2010

  8. Mitigating a Jobs Crisis: Innovations in Public Employment Programmes (IPEP)

    01 July 2010

    Employment Sector - Employment Report No. 6

  9. Characterizing the school-to-work transitions of young men and women: Evidence from the ILO School-to-work transition surveys

    02 June 2010

    Employment Working Paper No. 51

  10. News@ILO, November 2009

    01 November 2009

    The November edition of the ILO's Asia Pacific e-newsletter contains the latest news from the regional office, a feature on migration policy in Thailand, a selection of the latest publications, and details of forthcoming events and meetings.