News, articles and events on youth employment

January 2012

  1. Somavia puts the accent on youth employment in Davos

    27 January 2012

    ILO Director-General Juan Somavia has called for a new policy paradigm to promote inclusive job-rich growth for the almost 75 million unemployed youth aged 15-24 worldwide.

December 2011

  1. From the depths of an African shantytown, a nascent youth employment movement grows

    14 December 2011

    In Africa’s second largest slum, youth unemployment is sky high. But cooperative projects are helping youth find work and slowly lift themselves out of poverty through such projects as raising food in community gardens, processing waste for bio-fuel or providing improved sanitation. Journalist Anne Holmes reports on how this emerging economic revival is making a small but significant dent in a major ongoing challenge.

  2. The MasterCard Foundation pledges US$14.6 million to create “Work4Youth”: Partnership with the ILO Youth Employment Programme

    14 December 2011

    New partnership will increase the global awareness of the challenges facing youth as they move from education to the world of work.

  3. ILO opens International Forum on “Employment, Youth and Democratic Governance”, calling for more and better jobs for young people

    13 December 2011

    At 14.4 per cent, the youth unemployment rate is double the general rate, and 60 per cent of young workers are in informal jobs. Eminent personalities are meeting in Lima to take part in the Forum.

  4. Skills for Trade and Economic Diversification in Bangladesh: The Case of Agro Food and Pharmaceuticals Workshops

    Workshops with representatives from relevant government and education institutions as well as employers' and workers' representatives from the respective sectors were organized in Dhaka in September and December 2011 to discuss and validate initial findings and promote skills dialogue among stakeholders.

  5. Cambodia's young people look for a brighter future

    02 December 2011

    Story of Yeth Chenda, 21-year-old Yeth CHenda recently found a job as a receptionist in a rural hotel in Kampot, Southern Cambodia, with the assistance of an International Labour Organization (ILO) job centre project

November 2011

  1. 15th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting – Special Session on "Youth Leaders Forum"

    This panel invited young leaders from across Asia, the Pacific and the Arab States to share their perspectives on how young people can effectively contribute to “Building a sustainable future with decent work”, the theme of the 15th APRM.

October 2011

  1. ILO warns of a generation “scarred” by a worsening global youth employment crisis

    19 October 2011

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) has warned of a “scarred” generation of young workers facing a dangerous mix of high unemployment, increased inactivity and precarious work in developed countries, as well as persistently high working poverty in the developing world.

  2. Local employment services to increase access to decent and productive work

    17 October 2011

    Officials of the Department of Labor and Employment and the Public Employment Service Office from Agusan del Sur, Antique, Maguindanao and Masbate were trained on basic employment services.

  3. Decent work for Africa’s Youth

    10 October 2011

    Africa has the youngest population in the world: Young women and men represent the continent’s best hope for getting on a sustainable development path. However, youth unemployment rates are double adult unemployment rates for Africa as a whole – for North Africa they are even four times higher. ILO Online reports from Egypt where the ILO supports a pioneering project helping youth to find decent employment after leaving school.