News, articles and events on youth employment

May 2023

  1. Digitalization for Circular Economy and Green Jobs for Youth

    24 May 2023

    The first nexus dialogue underscored the importance of collaboration, innovation, and policy coherence in realizing the full potential of digitalization as a catalyst for advancing the circular economy and creating green jobs for youth.

  2. ILO supports polytechnics through international partnerships to develop an inclusive, competitive and sustainable Indonesian maritime workforce

    23 May 2023

    Through a programme funded by UK government, the ILO has been partnering with the Indonesian polytechnics, industry and international academic institutions to build competent, productive and competitive human capital in maritime sector.

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    G7: The job ahead

    12 May 2023

    In an article ahead of the G7 Summit, ILO Director-General, Gilbert F. Houngbo says the G7’s support in overcoming the challenges of unequal labour markets will help to bring about action and investments in decent work for all – and help to drive shared economic growth. 

  4. Refugee and host community youth call for more than a ‘seat at the table’ at UN Youth Forum

    11 May 2023

    The ILO, UNHCR and UNICEF organized a side-event on the margins of the ECOSOC Youth Forum 2023 where refugee and host community youth advocated for a greater say in issues that affect them.

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    Global South circular economy could generate millions of job opportunities

    09 May 2023

    The use, re-use and recycling of products contributes to sustainable development and helps combat climate change.

  6. ILO and Pôle emploi sign Memorandum of Understanding

    02 May 2023

    With this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the International Labour Organization and Pôle emploi, the French Public Employment Service, have committed to strengthen and develop existing forms of collaboration, and to explore new ones in areas of common interest.

April 2023

  1. ECOSOC Youth Forum: Financing our future

    This ministerial session of the ECOSOC Youth Forum will address the financial and other means that are needed to implement the 2030 Agenda Agenda 2030 for sustainable development with a view to allow young people to achieve their full potential, contribute to youth development and reach the goals and targets contained therein. It will focus on experiences and best practices in promoting Youth-led innovations for Decent Jobs for Youth.

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    ILO welcomes G7 commitment to invest in human capital and decent work

    24 April 2023

    G7 labour and employment ministers adopt action plan to tackle major issues facing the world of work.

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    Enhancing work engagement and promoting decent work

    23 April 2023

    Speech by ILO Director-General Gilbert F. Houngbo at the G7 Labour and Employment Ministers' Meeting held in Kurashiki, Japan (Session 6).

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    Developing an inclusive labour market: Focus on women and youth

    22 April 2023

    Intervention by ILO Director-General Gilbert F. Houngbo at the G7 Labour and Employment Ministers' Meeting held in Kurashiki, Japan (Session 4).