Publications on tripartism and social dialogue

  1. Publication

    Social dialogue in education in Latin America: A regional survey

    01 January 2005

    Working Paper 229

  2. Publication

    Indian Employers’ Statement of Commitment on HIV/AIDS

    01 January 2005

  3. Publication

    Enhancing Business Response to HIV/AIDS in India: Operational guidelines with estimated cost analysis - Working Paper

    01 January 2005

  4. Publication

    Of Peace-making and Basket-weaving: ILO Convention No. 169 and the Guatemala Peace Process

    31 December 2004

  5. Publication

    A trade union guide to globalisation

    01 November 2004

    This “Trade Union Guide to Globalisation” aims to help trade unionists to participate actively in the urgent task of meeting the double challenge of representing workers effectively in the rapidly changing conditions of the global economy, and of bringing about fundamental change in the workings of globalisation so that it distributes its benefits more fairly and contributes to socially just and sustainable development.

  6. Publication

    The International Labour Organization's Fundamental Conventions

    01 May 2004

  7. Publication

    Dialogues in Asia

    01 January 2004

    This ILO volume brings together the proceedings of the dialogues on the social dimension of globalization organized by the ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific in collaboration with the secretariat of the World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization.

  8. Publication

    Using the ILO Code of Practice and training manual - Guidelines for employers

    01 January 2004

  9. Publication

    Joint IOE/ICFTU Statement in the fight against HIV/AIDS (2003)

    12 May 2003

  10. Publication

    Using the ILO Code of Practice and training manual - Guidelines for trade unions

    01 May 2002