International Conference on Migration Health

Protection and Promotion of Health and Safety of Migrant Workers

How can we protect migrant and refugee workers from high health and safety risks? What are the roles of travel health practitioners and global community? Join us to learn facts, share good practices and discuss actions.

According to the ILO global estimates, in 2013, migrant workers accounted for 150 million. While a minority of migrant workers hold high-skilled jobs, many have jobs that are “dirty, dangerous and demanding (”three D-jobs”) and consequently face high risks of work-related injuries and diseases.

ILO, in collaboration with International Society of Travel Medicine Migrant and Refugee Health Interest Group, will organize a technical session "Protection and Promotion of Health and Safety of Migrant Workers" in the International Conference on Migration Health, 1-3 October 2018, Rome, Italy.

Data and information of specific health risks of migrant workers, international and national policies, and good practices on the prevention and promotion of health for migrant workers will be presented and discussed aiming to bridge global health policy to body of knowledge for Travel Health.