Enterprise workplace training sessions on risk assessment and management in Malawi

The on-site enterprise workplace training sessions disseminated knowledge and built capacities on risk assessment and management and enhanced the trainers’ capacity to deliver trainings in this field.

The risk assessment and management training sessions were organized in two enterprises in Lilongwe. They came as a follow-up to the 5-day training of trainers’ course in risk assessment and management which was conducted in Lilongwe in June 2011. The objective of the one day enterprise training sessions was two-fold: a) enhance the capacities of the trained trainers in carrying out trainings on risk assessment and management and b) build capacities in the two selected enterprise on how to carry out risk assessment with simple tools and techniques.

The two selected enterprises were Central Poultry (2000) Limited and Bakelines Limited. Central Poultry (2000) Limited’s main line of business is the processing of farm produce, including meat products. Bakelines Limited’s line of business is the production of confectioneries. A total of 18 workers participated in the workshop at Central Poultry (2000) Limited, and 11 workers at Bakelines limited.

The training sessions included presentations, questions and answers and practical exercises for risk assessment at work areas within the factory. The participants demonstrated a good understanding of the risk assessment process, and the trainers demonstrated that they grasped the concepts and were able to pass on the knowledge and skills that they had acquired to others.

To spread the success and impact of the training sessions, it is recommended that such training sessions are taken to Blantyre, the commercial capital of Malawi, in order to multiply the benefits to enterprises.