News on Least developed countries

November 2008

  1. Statement

    H.E. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of Liberia. Speech to the 'High-Level Forum on "Working out of Poverty: Decent Work Approach to Development and growth in Africa" in Monrovia on 8-9 September 2008

    14 November 2008

February 2008

  1. Event

    ILO Regional Training on Indigenous Issues in Asia

    25 February 2008

    The training brought together indigenous resource persons, internationla experts, governments, donors and agency staff working at the level of policy dialogue and development as well as field of implementation.

  2. Event

    ILO Seminar on PRSP & Indigenous Peoples

    18 - 24 February 2008

November 2007

  1. Event

    Slavery, Poverty and Social Exclusion - CO/DFID/ILO/ASI high-level Conference

    30 October 2007

    Ministers from the FCO and DFID, in conjunction with the International Labour Organisation and Anti-Slavery International, hold a high-level conference with especially invited representatives of civil society, business, trade unions and international organizations, to examine the relationship between slavery, poverty and social exclusion, including how the fight against poverty and human rights violations can support the elimination of forced labour and slavery, facilitating better linkages between the various sectors which have a role to play in eradicating contemporary forms of slavery and identifying specific actions that can be taken to help reduce slavery.

March 2007

  1. Statement

    Petersberg Communiqué on European Development Policy

    13 March 2007

    Based on the “European Consensus on Development” (2005) the primary and overarching objective of EU development cooperation is the eradication of poverty in the context of sustainable development, including pursuit of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).