Publications on labour migration

November 2022

  1. Publication

    ILO PROSPECTS in Egypt - at a glance

    29 November 2022

    This country factsheet provides an overview of the key interventions and results of PROSPECTS programme implementation in Egypt.

  2. Publication

    FAIR: Integrated Programme on Fair Recruitment Phase III (2022-2025)

    28 November 2022

  3. Publication

    Youth employment opportunities in the digital economy in Ethiopia: Afar and Somali regions

    22 November 2022

    This report aims to provide an insight into the opportunities that the digital economy can provide and the challenges in accessing them.

  4. Publication

    ToR for Developing Digital Skills Curriculum for the Job Search Club

    17 November 2022

  5. Publication

    Review of national policy, legislative and regulatory frameworks, and practice in Egypt

    17 November 2022

    A baseline study for Egypt in the area of relevant policy, legislative and regulatory frameworks and current practices in terms of implementation and in relation to the access of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons to the labour markets, employment, livelihood and training opportunities, including self-employment and business development and their right at work.

  6. Publication

    ILO Training of Trainers - Think COOP, Start COOP, My COOP

    15 November 2022

  7. Publication

    Request for Proposal: Capacity Development for national NGO partners working with refugees and host communities in Egypt

    10 November 2022

  8. Labour Migration and Human Mobility

    Human mobility and labour migration related to climate change in a just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies for all

    07 November 2022

    This policy brief is part of the ILO Just Transition Policy briefs series and is intended to present the linkages between just transition and labour migration and human mobility, providing stakeholders with information and recommendations for implementation.

  9. Publication

    Call for Proposal for Implementing Partners of Non-profit Organisations - Rollout of Job Search Clubs Programme in Greater Cairo, Alexandria, and Damietta

    03 November 2022

October 2022

  1. Publication

    Industrial relations in the ready-made garment sector in Jordan

    19 October 2022

    The report aims to shed light on the status of industrial relations in Jordan’s garment manufacturing sector. It also seeks to inform forward-looking efforts led by ILO constituents and other stakeholders towards the continued establishment of a robust, sustainable system for addressing decent work deficits, and improving working and living conditions in the sector through social dialogue and respect for fundamental principles and rights at work.