Events and training on labour migration

December 2012

  1. Event

    The Commemoration of the International Migrant Day: The 2012 Review – Progress, Opportunities and Challenges on Labour Migration

    18 December 2012

    The 2012 review is conducted as part of raising the media awareness concerning issues related to labour migration.

October 2012

  1. Event

    Implementation Agreement between the Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) and the International Labour Organization (ILO) for the Project “Promoting Decent Work through Improved Migration Policy and its Application in Bangladesh”

    1 October 2012

July 2012

  1. Event

    Launch of the book "Protecting the Poor: Microinsurance Compendium Volume 2"

    12 July 2012

    The ILO's Microinsurance Innovation Facility organized on July 3rd an interactive session that brought the opportunity to meet with key microinsurance stakeholders, to dialogue in small groups around specific topics and to network with peers. By attending, participants got an overview of the major trends of the sector and had the possibility to interact with authors and experts focusing on agriculture, catastrophic risks, client value, health, migration, the role of commercial insurers, regulation, social protection and technology. A Webcast and a Q&A session for onliners were set up to enable remote participation.

  2. Event

    Project Steering Committee Meeting of the “Promoting Decent Work through Improved Migration Policy and its Application in Bangladesh Project

    5 July 2012

    The 1st Project Steering Committee (PSC) meeting of the project titled “Promoting Decent Work through Improved Migration Policy and its Application in Bangladesh” was held under the chairpersonship of Dr. Zafar Ahmed Khan, Secretary, MEWOE on Thursday the 5th of July 2012 at the Conference Room of the MEWOE. The PSC comprises of 18 representatives from the tripartite constituents – Government, Trade Unions, Employers Associations – and other important actors in the area of labour migration, including, the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), who is a donor to this project, migrant workers associations, migration research institutions and other civil society actors.

  3. Event

    Enhancing Migration, Mobility, Employment and Higher Education in the RECs of Africa

    5 - 6 July 2012

    A technical meeting organised within the framework of the Africa - European Union (EU) Migration, Mobility and Employment (MME) Partnership and aimed at providing a snapshot of policy frameworks, programmes and coordination mechanisms put in place by Regional Economic Communities in Africa.

June 2012

  1. Event

    Letter of Agreement between IOM and ILO for the Project “Promoting Decent Work through Improved Migration Policy and its Application in Bangladesh”

    14 June 2012

    The IOM and ILO signed a letter of agreement to strengthen the implementation of the Project “Promoting Decent Work through Improved Migration Policy and its Application in Bangladesh” and specifically to support Improved Migration Management and Services.

  2. Event

    TOT on Improving Knowledge on Legal and Safe Labour Migration for Provincial Resource Persons

    4 - 9 June 2012

    The aim of the training is to equip provincial resource persons with knowledge about safe and legal migration so they can conduct training for other staff at the provincial, district, commune and village levels. They also will be able to conduct other activities at migrant workers' resource centers in their provinces.

May 2012

  1. Event

    Migrants’ Rights: Female migrants and Domestic workers

    10 - 11 May 2012

    Technical meeting within the framework of the Africa-EU Partnership on Migration, Mobility and Employment (MME. The ILO will address issues pertaining to challenges and initiatives of protection of the rights of female migrants and domestic workers as well as the Social Protection Floor Initiative.

March 2012

  1. Event

    Awareness-Raising Activity on the Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers: Series of Thematic Discussions on Migrant Workers Issue

    13 - 27 March 2012

    For this particular program, ILO Combating Forced Labour and Trafficking of Indonesian Migrant Workers and SMART FM opt 3 (three) topics for series of discussions on the issue of labour migration. The topics are Policy development, Economic Empowerment of Indonesian Migrant Workers and the Rights of Health: HIV/AIDS related issues on Labour Migration.

  2. Event

    Provincial Awareness Raising Events: Media Briefings and Broadcast Events on Decent Work for Domestic Workers

    7 - 26 March 2012

    To address these issues, it is crucial for the media to focus and influence attitudes on domestic workers’ conditions among decision-makers, employers and the public in general.