International Labour Standards and Guiding Principles on Labour Administration and Labour Inspection

This Working Document presents selected International Labour Conventions and Recommendations as well as guiding principles concerning Labour Administration and Labour Inspection. The relevant resolutions and conclusions of various ILO regional conferences and meetings have also been included.

The aim of this publication is to make available, in a sole volume, a useful tool for labour administrators, labour inspectors, labour judges, workers, employers, researchers and academicians. Interest in labour administration and labour inspection has increased in recent years. This is the result of further recognition that an effective system of labour administration and inspection is essential at all stages of the economic development, especially during a period of economic crisis. The growth in interest can also be attributed to a new or renewed concern for “real” social justice in many of the countries which are undergoing or contemplating significant economic changes in their respective society. Such an interest in labour administration and labour inspection was reiterated once again during the general discussion on labour administration and labour inspection held at the International Labour Conference at its 100th Session in June 2011. The discussion covered the possibility for ILO Member States to strengthen and modernise their respective labour administration and inspection systems within the framework of international labour standards relevant to this area. In this regard, the present collection of relevant standards and guiding principles on labour administration and inspection aims at facilitating the choices that labour officials and workers’ and employers’ representative are faced with when major reforms are to be approved and implemented.