Deadline for application: 14 June 2021

National Programmes and Systems on Occupational Safety and Health

The course is designed for Policy-makers, senior officials and advisers from government institutions responsible for the planning, implementation and management of OSH at national level. Workers' and employers' representatives involved in the OSH policy-making process at national level. The programme may also be of interest to researchers, trainers and consultants in this field.

In pursuit of a safe and healthy working environment for all workers, each country has to develop an effective national OSH system resulting from a collaborative effort between government and the social partners. Such a system will comprise various elements, including legislation, compliance assurance mechanisms and a training and information network. The system needs to be continuously improved by the formulation and implementation of national OSH programmes (medium-term programmes of strategies and activities aiming to improve the OSH situation), as guided by the Promotional Framework for Occupational Safety and Health Convention (No. 187) and Recommendation (No. 197), adopted by the ILO in 2006. Many developing and industrialized countries are now adopting this ILO-inspired strategic approach to OSH, making significant progress in the way they manage OSH at the national level. The International Training Centre of the ILO, in partnership with SafeWork (the ILO programme which promotes OSH), is organizing this course in Turin to acquaint participants with the international guidelines and principles of the ILO, and with experience gained from consolidated and successful national OSH systems and programmes.