Deadline for application: 03 April 2021

Training of Trainers on Improving Safety and Health in Small and Micro Enterprises

The course is intended forTrainers and technical advisers from government institutions responsible for supporting SMEs in the areas of OSH and working conditions; representatives of workers' and employers' organizations involved in supporting their members in improving OSH and working conditions; representatives of non-governmental organizations actively supporting SMEs in OSH and working conditions; staff of technical cooperation projects supporting SMEs; consultants, university teachers and researchers working in the fields of OSH and working conditions.

The International Training Centre of the ILO, in collaboration with LABADMIN/OSH, organizes this training activity in order to boost the dissemination and sustainability of Participatory Action-Training programmes by involving tripartite constituent organizations, United Nations programmes and projects, training institutions and other intermediate civil society organizations in the delivery of such programmes.