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June 2000

  1. Publication

    Draft of the Resolution concerning HIV/AIDS and the world of work

    01 June 2000

March 2000

  1. Legal document

    Bangladesh Society for the Enforcement of Human Rights v. Government of Bangladesh

    14 March 2000

    The petitioners, a group of 54 non-profit organizations, lodged a complaint against the Government of Bangladesh based on the actions of enforcement authorities who allegedly raided the homes of sex workers, ousting them unlawfully from their residences and placing in vagrant homes.

January 2000

  1. Legal document

    Midwa v. Midwa

    01 January 2000

    The applicant, the respondent’s HIV-positive wife, alleges that her expulsion from her home and consignment to the servant’s quarter, as well as loss of her children’s custody, cannot be justified.

December 1999

  1. Legal document

    X. v. The Commonwealth

    02 December 1999

    The applicant alleged that his discharge from the Australian Regular Army on the basis of his HIV positive status constitutes unlawful discrimination.

January 1994

  1. Legal document

    John Doe v. The city of New York, the city of New York Commission on Human Rights and Dennis Deleon

    01 January 1994

    The plaintiff filed a civil rights complaint under 42 U.S.C. § 1983, alleging that the defendant-appellees had violated his constitutional right to privacy by revealing to the public the details of a conciliation agreement settling a discrimination complaint lodged against Delta Airlines with the N.Y. Commission on Human Rights.

September 1989

  1. Legal document

    Fontaine v. Canadian Pacific Ltd.

    26 September 1989

    The applicant alleged that he felt compelled to leave his employment due to fear after his HIV status was disclosed to his co-workers.