Gender and Climate Change Financing - Why does it matter for Employment, Women's Empowerment and Social Equity Prospects?

This event is organized within the framework of ILO's Green Centenary Initiative and Women at Work Centenary Initiative.

Billions of dollars of climate finance will have to go into the implementation of national climate change action plans both in the public and private sector. Such green finance must be made available to create adequate income and decent work opportunities for women and men and support training programmes for youth.

It is important that climate finance incorporates conditions that support women and men in their multiple roles as workers and business owners, at all levels and sectors of new and emerging industries. This new wave of climate finance must also be channelled to lessen the burden of unpaid care work for women and men by building community infrastructure that secures basic needs of adequate access to clean water and clean energy, and food security and affordable health care.

This event will focus on the: i) gender dimensions of climate change and finance; ii) climate finance distribution channels for mitigation and adaptation actions and; iii) how climate finance can promote decent work and a just transition of the workforce to low-carbon economies nationally, regionally and globally, with a particular attention to gender dimensions.

Interview with Mariama Williams, Global Governance for Development Programme at the South Centre