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Global Programme on Employment Injury Insurance and Protection (GEIP)

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Employment injury insurance and protection

Enterprises of all types have the responsibility to mitigate the risk and the effects of workplace injuries and occupational diseases. Employment injury insurance (EII) and protection in case of injury at workplace is vital to social peace, inclusive and fair redistribution as well as economic success.
Through the Global Programme on Employment Injury Insurance and Protection (GEIP), the ILO promotes a culture of prevention in Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) and addresses workforce needs in case of injury and occupational diseases.


  1. COVID-19

    State practice to address COVID-19 infection as a work-related injury

    GEIP is collecting the growing State practice in relation to COVID-19 infection as a work-related injury. This work will be updated regularly. Do not hesitate to send us any relevant information at (this work was possible thanks to the support of the Master’s Degree in Applied International Law and International Politics of the Faculty of Law of the University of Sherbrooke (Canada)).
    Last update: 1 February 2021

  1. Publication

    Diagnostic and exposure criteria for occupational diseases - Guidance notes for diagnosis and prevention of the diseases in the ILO List of Occupational Diseases (revised 2010)

    The guidance notes in this publication provide information and criteria to be considered in the diagnosis and prevention of the diseases specified in the ILO List of Occupational Diseases (revised 2010) and are intended for the use of competent authorities, social security institutions, workers’ compensation funds, occupational safety and health professionals, physicians, employers and workers, and persons in charge of recording, notification, prevention, and compensation programmes for occupational diseases.

  2. Guide for Policymakers and Practitioners

    Extending Social Protection to Migrant Workers, Refugees, and their Families

    08 November 2021

    Social security is a basic human right. Yet, 4.1 billion people worldwide have no access to social protection including healthcare. This new ILO global Guide provides an overview of policy options and country practices to extend social protection to migrant workers, refugees and their families.

  3. Global Flagship Programme

    ILO’s Global Flagship Programme on Building Social Protection Floors for All launches its second phase

    07 October 2021

    The ILO’s Global Flagship Programme officially launched its second phase (2021 -2025), extending support to 50 focus countries and aiming to improve the lives of 60 million people. Income security for those who are unable to earn sufficient income because of a work related sickness or disability is one of many challenges in advancing towards universal social protection.

  • " Universal social protection is a human right and a State responsibility. As countries begin this pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals, there is increased recognition that social protection is fundamental in reducing poverty and inequality, in improving human capital and productivity and in supporting growth and jobs. Social protection responds to many of the challenges that we face today. "

    Guy Ryder,
    Director General of the
    International Labour Organization