News and events on the future of work

  1. ILO highlights the link between inclusive growth and democracy and social dialogue

    22 September 2023

    The ADG of the Governance, Rights and Social Dialogue cluster of the ILO, Manuela Tomei, participates in Spain in the European Tripartite High Level Conference: "Towards a new European social agenda from the perspective of social dialogue".

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    ILO welcomes G20 support for just transition measures

    10 September 2023

    G20 Leaders reaffirmed their commitment to promote inclusive growth, sustainable development and decent work and their support for the UN Global Accelerator on Jobs and Social Protection for Just Transitions.

  3. ILO welcomes G20 Culture Ministers' support for decent work goals

    29 August 2023

    G20 ministers have reiterated their support for decent work in the cultural and creative industries, including alignment with international labour standards, skills training, effective social protection and reinforced channels for dialogue.

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    Generative AI likely to augment rather than destroy jobs

    21 August 2023

    ILO report assesses the impact of generative artificial intelligence on job quantity and quality.

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    Youth skills: Tackling challenges and seizing opportunities for a brighter future of work

    13 July 2023

    Leveraging the ILO’s microdata, an analysis of global labour market and occupational trends highlights strategies to strengthen skills development and boost the competitiveness, agility, and resilience of youth.

  6. Forest work must be made safer and healthier, says new FAO-ILO-UNECE report

    04 July 2023

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    ILO launches a series of country briefs on youth employment in sub-Saharan Africa

    29 June 2023

    The briefs analyze youth labour market issues and the school-to-work transition in seven sub-Saharan countries, review their youth employment policies and provide a sub-regional overview of youth employment trends.

  8. ILO: Political will important in addressing labour issues

    28 June 2023

    The labour sector is facing challenges such as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of Artificial Intelligence. For the chief of the International Labour Organization, political will is important in addressing these issues. CNN Philippines' Tristan Nodalo interviewed ILO Director-General Gilbert F. Houngbo.

  9. Closing message at the National Conference of Employers in the Philippines

    28 June 2023

    ILO Director-General Gilbert F. Houngbo addressed the National Conference of Employers on Human-Centred Transitions for a Just and Sustainable Workplace held in Manila.

  10. Keynote address at the Shaping the Future of Shipping – Seafarer 2050 Summit

    26 June 2023

    ILO Director-General Gilbert F. Houngbo highlighted at the Shaping the Future of Shipping – Seafarer 2050 Summit the need for a new global social contract, including for the global maritime industry.