Resources on future of work

  1. ILO Working paper 112

    New technologies, e-government and informality

    15 April 2024

    This working paper studies the complex relationship between technology adoption and infor­mality, leveraging recent cross-country data to analyse the effects of mobile phone subscrip­tions, internet access, automation and e-government on informal employment, vulnerable em­ployment, and the shadow economy's GDP share.

  2. © Jay Ee/Unsplash 2024

    Podcast series: Global challenges – Global solutions

    Addressing major labour market challenges in the world of work: What are the implications for promoting employment?

    10 April 2024

    In the world of work, a torrent of change has triggered multiple job crises raising the magnitude and complexity of employment challenges to unprecedented levels. Labour markets are reeling from disruptive mega-trends that weren’t on our radar just a decade ago. To address these challenges, we need updated national employment policies. In this podcast, ILO Employment Policy Expert Sher Verick explains.

  3. ILO Working paper 111

    Intergenerational trends in educational and income mobility in the United States of America since the 1960s

    05 April 2024

    This paper examines the evolution of educational and income mobility in the US since the 1960s, showing increased upward mobility for low-income individuals and decreased downward mobility for children of college graduates, highlighting the role of parental income in securing intergenerational wealth and the creation of a wealthy, educated elite.

  4. Knowledge Exchange Seminar

    Workplace Gender-based Violence and Harassment in Cambodia’s Construction Sector

    Exploring gender-based violence and harassment in construction: analyzing experiences, responses, and lessons from a survey and interviews in cement factories and construction sites.

  5. ILO-ILERA Seminar

    ILO-ILERA Seminar: Researching work in and after the pandemic

    This webinar will bring together a series of illuminating presentations by renowned experts, each focusing on different facets of the labour market's evolution in response to the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic.

  6. © Violaine Martin / ILO 2024

    350th Session of the ILO Governing Body

    ILO Governing Body closes with decisions on living wages, strengthening social justice

    25 March 2024

    Living wages, the challenges and opportunities of digitization, and progress towards a new social contract, were among the wide range of world-of-work topics discussed by the ILO’s Governing Body at its 350th session.

  7. Research Seminar

    AI Labor Disclosure Initiative: Recognizing the social cost of human labour behind automation

    Exploring the push for transparency with the AI Labor Disclosure Initiative (AILDI), revealing the human workforce behind AI and advocating for digital labor disclosure for informed policies, investments, and ethical AI development.

  8. AI for Good Webinar

    Generative AI and Jobs: A global analysis of potential effects on job quantity and quality

    The ILO's "AI & Work" webinar, part of the AI for Good initiative, analyzes Generative AI's impact on jobs, indicating high automation risks for clerical roles and transformations in higher-tier jobs, with a focus on global and demographic effects and policy discussions, plus a networking event.

  9. Video

    Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Southern Iraq

    08 March 2024

    At the core of entrepreneurship lies empowerment. As the world marks International Women's Day, we witness the determination of women in southern Iraq firsthand, and join them as they celebrate victories, both big and small. Through collaboration and support networks, they equip each other with tools and knowledge while embracing sustainability and eco-friendly practices. This initiative was made possible through funding by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in Iraq and implementation by the ILO, demonstrating our joint commitment to empowering women and fostering sustainable entrepreneurship in the region.

  10. News

    Empowering entrepreneurs and freelancers to leverage digital economy opportunities in Kenya

    06 March 2024

    Through an intensive programme, ILO PROSPECTS Kenya rolled out training that supports entrepreneurs and freelancers to apply a new tool for business digitalization.