Publications on forced labour


  1. Forced Labour In Peru

    03 January 2005

    (Only available in Spanish) Este estudio presenta los resultados de una investigación, encargada por un antropólogo y un científico social, sobre la existencia del trabajo forzoso en Perú.

  2. Forced Labour and Human trafficking: Estimating the Profits

    03 January 2005

    As part of SAP-FL research on the quantitative and economic dimensions of forced labour and human trafficking, this Paper aims to estimate the magnitude of global profits that are being realized through the exploitation of forced labourers.

  3. Trafficking and exploitation of Chinese migrants in France

    01 January 2005

    (Only available in French) Cette étude porte sur les migrants nouvellement arrivés qui travaillent dans plusieurs secteurs de l'économie souterraine.

  4. Human trafficking and forced labour exploitation - guidance for legislation and law enforcement

    01 January 2005

    This guide has been designed to provide lawmakers and law enforcement authorities with practical aid to understand and implement international standards on human trafficking and to take action accordingly.

  5. Social dialogue in the health services: A tool for practical guidance – The handbook for practitioners

    01 January 2005

  6. Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation in Japan

    01 January 2005

    The present publication focuses on the severe problems of sexual exploitation, given that this appears to be the main issue of concern in Japan today. It aims to present a clearer profile of human trafficking: the victims, the abuses they suffer, and the deceptions used by traffickers. It focuses primarily on the experiences of victims in order to better understand the push and pull factors of trafficking, providing details on both the situation in three main countries of origin (Colombia, the Philippines and Thailand) and the social and legal factors that make Japan a profitable market in particular for organized crime groups.


  1. The International Labour Organization's Fundamental Conventions

    01 May 2004

  2. Trafficking of migrant workers from Romania: Issues of labour and sexual exploitation

    10 January 2004

    This paper, prepared by a team of Romanian researchers under the supervision of Dr. Catalin Ghinarau, and by Mariska N.J. van der Linden, argues that trafficking for labour exploitation is an emerging issue in the region and in particular in Romania.

  3. Chinese migrants and Forced Labour in Europe

    07 January 2004

    This working paper, by Chinese lawyer Gao Yun, is the result mainly of a desk review drawing on existing literature about Chinese migration to Europe, and of analysis of current Chinese law on trafficking. (Available in French, English and Chinese)

  4. Human Trafficking in Europe: an Economic Perspective

    06 January 2004

    This paper is a broad mapping survey, placing the concerns of trafficking within broader migration analysis (including the role of irregular migration). It comments on the financial flows involved in trafficking, and on the different patterns of financing trafficking services. It also contains a brief review of the evidence, as to the extent to which organized crime is involved in human trafficking.