Statistics for SDG indicator 10.7.1: Measuring recruitment costs

  1. Publication

    Measuring Sustainable Development Goal indicator 10.7.1 on the recruitment costs of migrant workers: Results of Viet Nam pilot survey 2019

    This report presents an assessment of the pilot process on measuring SDG indicator 10.7.1, undertaken by the General Statistics Office of Viet Nam (GSO), in collaboration with the ILO, during the quarter four of the 2019 country’s Labour Force Survey.

  2. Article

    Measuring recruitment costs of migrant workers through household surveys: Results of a pilot test from Lao PDR labour force survey 2017

    Lao PDR implemented its second national labour force survey (LFS) in September 2017. The survey included a module testing the measurement of international labour migration, return migrants, and absentees, as well as recruitment costs of migrant workers. Results of this pilot process are presented in this paper.

  3. Publication

    Cost of Migration Survey 2020. Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), 2020. Bangladesh

    The ILO has been supporting the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics as one of the first in pioneering this survey, aimed at shedding light on recruitment fees and costs paid by workers. As co-custodian of SDG Indicator 10.7.1 on reducing recruitment costs, the ILO and the World Bank have developed a global statistical methodology for the collection of data to measure progress in this area.

  4. Publicación

    Modulo sobre costos de contratación en la EMIF Sur y prueba del indicador 10.7.1 de los ODS. Reporte de resultados

    En 2019, la OIT y el COLEF colaboraron para medir los costos de contratación en los que incurrían los migrantes centroamericanos en México. Se añadió dicho módulo a la encuesta anual del COLEF (EMIF Sur). El módulo se basó en la metodología empleada por OIT-Banco Mundial para medir el Indicador de Costos de Contrata­ción (RCI) del Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible 10.7.1. En este reporte se muestran los resultados de dicho ejercicio y se elaboran recomendaciones para su futura realización en otros corredores migratorios.

  5. Working paper

    Operational Manual on Recruitment Costs – SDG 10.7.1

    This Operational Manual on Recruitment Costs – SDG 10.7.1 aids in the collection and dissemination of data on recruitment costs and serves as a means of setting standards to produce comparable data across countries.

  6. Training

    Training with Pakistani workers’ organizations on fair recruitment to promote safe, orderly and regular migration

    The ILO Global Action to Improve the Recruitment Framework of Labour Migration (REFRAME) project supports capacity building of workers’ organizations in Pakistan on the topic of fair recruitment to promote safe, orderly and regular migration.

  7. Working paper

    Statistics for SDG indicator 10.7.1: Guidelines for their Collection

    This set of Guidelines for the collection of statistics for SDG indicator 10.7.1 on reducing recruitment costs, identifies a number of conceptual issues and definitions with respect to measuring recruitment costs borne by an employee as a proportion of monthly income earned in the country of destination. These guidelines have been produced by the ILO and the WB, as co-custodians of SDG Indicator 10.7.1, with the support of the EU funded ILO-REFRAME project and the Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD). They have been validated through a consultative process with National Statistical Offices and, as a result of this process the Inter-Agency and Expert Group on Sustainable Development Goals (IAEG-SDG) moved SDG indicator 10.7.1 from Tier 3 to Tier 2, in October 2019.

  8. Workshop

    Consultative workshop on SDG indicator 10.7.1 guidelines for measuring recruitment costs

    On September 13-14 2018, the ILO and World Bank, with the financial support of the EU, held a consultative workshop to determine how best to promote the adoption and production of an internationally comparable SDG indicator on recruitment costs.

  9. Workshop

    Workshop on SDG indicator 10.7.1: Measuring recruitment costs

    ILO and World Bank convene a workshop with national statistical offices to promote and discuss guidelines for the collection of statistics on SDG indicator 10.7.1

  10. Working paper

    Measuring recruitment costs of migrant workers (SDG indicator 10.7.1): ILO-World Bank Model PAPI Questionnaire (Short form (Version 2));