Towards the right to work: A guidebook for designing innovative public employment programmes

Type:                                 Guidebook

Date issued:                    20 June 2012

Reference:                       978-92-2-126771-3 (print)[ISBN]
                                           978-92-2-126772-0 (web pdf)[ISBN]

This Guidebook on designing innovative public employment programmes was developed in 2012 by the International Labour Office (ILO)'s Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP). It is supplemented by an international course that has been developed with support from the ILO's International Training Centre (ITCILO) for a mixed audience of policy makers and social actors, planners, and senior / middle-level officials from different national ministries and development agencies and programmes concerned.


Guidance note 1 - Analysing unemployment and underemployment

Guidance note 2 - The spectrum of public employment programmes (PEPs)

Guidance note 3 - Creating fiscal space for PEPs

Guidance note 4 - Cost structures and funding flows in PEPs

Guidance note 5 - Setting the appropriate wage rate in PEPs

Guidance note 6 - Targeting strategies and mechanisms in PEPs

Guidance note 6-1 - Introducing youth employment into PEPs

Guidance note 6-2 - Ensuring gender equity in PEPs

Guidance note 7-1 - PEPs and Labour-intensive infrastructure works

Guidance note 7-2 - PEPs and the Social sector: Tackling social Challenges

Guidance note 7-3 - PEPs and Urban works

Guidance note 7-4 - PEPs and Green jobs through green works

Guidance note 8 - Social partners and social processes in PEPs

Guidance note 9 - Public employment programmes and decent work

Guidance note 10 - Innovation in Tackling the Risks of Corruption in PEPs

Guidance note 11 - Design of institutional frameworks for PEPs

Guidance note 12 - Training and capacity development in PEPs

Guidance note 13 - Graduation and Exits from PEPs

Guidance note 14 - Designing monitoring and evaluation systems in PEPs

Guidance note 14-1 - Innovations in payment systems for PEPs: Efficiency, accountability and financial inclusion

Guidance note 15 - Impact of PEPs