Tools and Services on Equality


  1. Issue Brief no. 1 - Labour Relations and Collective Bargaining

    Trends in collective bargaining coverage: stability, erosion or decline?

    01 November 2017

    Collective bargaining over wages and other working conditions between unions and employers is a key labour market institution in democratic societies. The coverage and impact of this institution varies over time and across countries. This policy brief examines differences in collective bargaining coverage for 75 countries.

  2. Publication

    Garment Factory Characteristics and Workplace Sexual Harassment

    09 August 2017

  3. Publication

    50 for Freedom campaign to end modern slavery

    09 August 2017

  4. Publication

    Mozambique. Report to the Government: Actuarial Review of the National Social Security System (NSSS) as of 31 December 2011

    09 August 2017

  5. Instructional material

    Social Health Insurance: A guidebook for planning

    09 August 2017

  6. Publication

    Republic of Namibia. Report to the Government: Namibia Social Protection Floor Assessment Report

    09 August 2017

  7. Publication

    Thailand. Report to the Government: Actuarial Valuation of Thailand Social Security Scheme administered by the Social Security Office as of 31 December 2013

    09 August 2017

  8. Project documentation

    Bahamas. Report to the Government- Strengthening financial governance Tenth actuarial valuation of the National Insurance Board of Bahamas as of 30 June 2013

    09 August 2017

  9. Project documentation

    Republic of Cyprus. Report to the Government Actuarial valuation of the General Social Insurance Scheme as of 31 December 2014

    09 August 2017

  10. Instructional material

    Social Security Inquiry Manual 2016

    09 August 2017