ILO conducts TOT on child labour with agricultural cooperatives in Jordan

The Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop, conducted on 19-22 October, aimed to build capacities of field trainers, so they can raise awareness on elimination of child labour among agricultural cooperatives.

News | 16 November 2022
This awareness raising package on the role of cooperatives in eliminating child labour was originally developed by ILO COOP Unit and FUNDAMENTALS branches in the context of child labour elimination projects in Africa. PROSPECTS adapted this tool to the Jordanian context and translated it into Arabic for its use with agricultural cooperatives in Jordan.

The training workshop aimed to build capacities of field trainers who are scheduled to raise awareness on child labour among management, staff and members of agricultural cooperatives, and community members. The follow up orientation sessions will guide the recipients to develop and implement actions that will contribute to the elimination of child labour within cooperatives’ and members’ operations and in their communities.

The four days of the ToT workshop brought together staff members of the Jordanian Cooperative Corporation (JCC), Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Agriculture, National Council for Family Affairs (NCFA), Jordanian trade unions working in agricultural areas, UNICEF, FAO, and local child labour case management service providers as beneficiaries.