Recruiting apprentices

The issue: Why is it important to recruit the right apprentices?

The selection of the right candidates as apprentices is an important factor in determining the success of apprenticeship. The major proportion of apprenticeship training takes place at the workplace, where the apprentices are actively involved with workers carrying out work processes. An employer will, therefore, be keen to recruit candidates who are motivated to work in the chosen occupation and complete the apprenticeship, and who have the right attributes to work in teams and follow established rules (see box 5.2). While the selection of apprentices should mainly be the enterprises’ responsibility, they may collaborate with TVET providers in the recruitment process, since part of the training will take place in the TVET provider’s premises.

Box 5.2 Apprentice selection, Brazil

In Brazil, employers have total freedom to select apprentices, subject to compliance with the constitutional principle of equality.

Given that dropping out of the apprenticeship training has a significant cost for both the apprentice and the enterprise, it is important that an apprentice fully understands the requirements of an occupation, such as the necessary competencies, working conditions and career prospects, as well as the requirement to complete the apprenticeship training. The apprentice should then make an informed decision, in view of his or her aptitude and level of interest, about whether to apply for an apprenticeship in a particular occupation and enterprise.