Research Seminar

Occupational health today: meaning, ethics and fundamental rights

Occupational health is a complex issue nowadays. Health and work are part of a system that requires a collective and holistic approach to prevention in order to make working conditions safe and respectful of health. This talk will highlight the principles of occupational safety and explore the crucial conditions required to ensure decent work.


Prof. Loic Lerouge

Pr. Loic Lerouge is research Director at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). He is a leading researcher on occupational health issues. His research consists in study how the law tackles these issues under a comparative labour and social security law approach. In order to enrich his research, he initiates a dialogue with other disciplines and stakeholders. Head of the “Workers and Persons Mental and Physical Health” thematic of the Centre for Comparative Labour and Social Security Law at the University of Bordeaux, he is the author of many published by national and international peer publishers. He created in October 2021 an international research Chair in comparative studies on occupational Health (CIECST).

Chair: Catherine Saget, Senior Technical Specialist, ILO Research.