Workers without frontiers (Limp cover)

"Globalization has become such a well-worn phrase that one is immediately suspect about what additional contribution to knowledge is to be granted. Yet this is an engaging book which summarizes in a relatively short number of pages the current state of knowledge about international migration in the context of increasing global economic integration.
What is provided is a sophisticated and enlightening framework for understanding the existing body of knowledge about international migration."

Journal of International Migration and Integration, Summer 2001

Offering a unique assessment of a complex and contentious issue, Workers without frontiers brings together the latest information on international migration and globalization. It examines how migration connects with movements of goods and capital, and how it is closely tied to social and economic changes. Often, discussions of globalization do not consider international migration or only deal with it as a residual category. Workers without frontiers helps to redress this discussion by looking at how economic convergence may cause migration pressures to subside, or how years of economic upheaval may release new migrant flows.