Employing foreign workers. A manual on policies and procedures of special interest to middle and low income countries

Includes an appendix on the ILO's information system for legislation concerning migrant workers.

"... useful to researchers and those interested in practical guidelines for thinking about labor migration. Roger Böhning is the world`s most knowledgeable international civil servant who deals with migration. The strength of this book is that it lays out the basic questions in the order that a policymaker charged with `doing something` about labor migration would confront them. "
International Migration Review, 1998

This manual sets out the considerations and options that policy-makers and academics can draw upon when they are faced with questions on migrant workers, such as the involvement of employers and workers organizations, the irregular inflow of workers, illegal employment, and whom to admit and under what conditions. The book will be especially useful in countries confronted for the first time with the employment of foreigners.