Legislative and Policy Coherence on the Extension of Social Security Coverage in Jordan

The objective of this report is to identify options to strengthen legislative and policy coherence on the extension of social security in Jordan through an in-depth analysis of the national legal and policy frameworks.

This report takes particular interest in the case of extension of coverage to agricultural workers, self-employed workers, non-nationals (including refugees), domestic workers and female workers.

It considers legislation and policy under the Social Security Corporation, as well as related areas including labour market, immigration, and social assistance policies.

In doing so, it will highlight gaps and contradictions in policy and legislation, and areas that dis-incentivize and incentivize workers from participating in social security. Based on these contradictions, incentives, and disincentives, it provides policy makers with recommendations to address them.

This report supports the objectives of the PROSPECTS strategic partnership between the ILO, the World Bank, IFC, UNICEF and UNHCR, as well as the ILO’s “Estidama + +” project.