Results of pilot trials on greenhouse productivity and working condition with 12 selected farmers in Akkar and the Bekaa

As part of its employment pillar, ILO PROSPECTS in Lebanon is taking action to increase productivity and improve working conditions in Lebanon’s horticulture sector with a view to safeguarding jobs of both Lebanese host communities and Syrian refugees in Lebanon’s crises-hit agricultural sector. As part of a larger intervention strategy, on-farm pilot trials with 12 selected farmers in Akkar and the Bekaa were launched to test the impact of modern multi-span greenhouses on productivity, working conditions and incomes. The pilot trials confirmed the immense benefits that multi-span greenhouses can hold for both farmers and workers through increased yields, better protection against pests, reduced production costs, and improved working conditions.

This report summarizes results and data collected on the 12 pilot farms in Akkar and the Bekaa, and presents lessons from the trials. As part of its upscaling strategy, ILO PROSPECTS in Lebanon is currently launching campaigns to better inform farmers about the benefits of multi-span greenhouses with information material as well as video testimonies of farmers, while also setting up financial support measures for farmers interested in purchasing multi-span greenhouses.