Decades of violence

Iraq is emerging from an intensive conflict resulting in the defeat of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), and working to transition into a more sustainable development period in its history. Iraq continues to host just under 290,000 refugees and asylum-seekers, including 250,000 Syrian refugees; and more than 1.5 million Iraqis remains internally displaced.

The situation in Iraq remains unstable with widespread humanitarian concerns. Years of conflict uprooted millions of people, eroded social cohesion, disrupted access to basic services, destroyed livelihoods and led to increased protection risks.

Iraq Humanitarian Needs Overview 2020 estimated that 1.46 million people face critical problems related to physical and mental well-being, almost half of whom are children.

To support the acute needs of highly vulnerable population in Iraq, five international organizations - IIFC, ILO, UNHCR, UNICEF, and the World Bank – will join their efforts to develop a new paradigm in responding to the most affected refugees in Dohuk governorate and the most affected Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and host communities in Ninewa governorate.

The Partnership will focus on three broad areas that are critical for refugees, Internally Displaced Persons, and Host Communities to overcome their specific vulnerabilities and host communities to pursue their own development agenda in a transformed environment:
  • jobs and social protection
  • education and learning, and
  • protection and legal status.

What's new

  1. Full and timely implementation of Iraq’s Pensions and Social Security Law critically needed

  2. The ILO, the Central Bank of Iraq and partners celebrate success of the financial Inclusion Initiative for MSMEs under the PROSPECTS Programme

  3. ILO's groundbreaking afforestation project in Kurdistan Region of Iraq boosts sustainable development and decent work

  4. Creating new opportunities for youth with skills training

  5. ILO builds capacity of thirty vocational training instructors on competency-based training programmes in Iraq

  6. Article

    “Women have great business ideas, creativity and innovation. They should make use of those talents”

  7. News

    A new partnership boosts workers’ voices and labour rights in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

  8. Iraqi entrepreneurs access loans to support growing businesses, with ILO support

  9. News

    ILO builds capacities of financial service providers to expand the scope and market of their services to forcibly displaced and host communities in Iraq

  10. News

    ILO holds consultative and capacity building workshops to support employment services in Iraq

  11. News

    ILO and UNICEF joint initiative supports young engineers to play a key role in promoting Green Works in Iraq

  12. News

    Young female entrepreneur strives to transform the medical sector in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

  13. News

    ILO and the Central Bank of Iraq launch new financial initiative supporting youth and small and medium enterprises from host communities and displaced populations in Iraq

  14. News

    ILO and Kurdistan Region of Iraq pledge to support formal employment for forcibly displaced persons and host communities

  15. News

    ILO opens its first coordination office in Baghdad