9th European Regional Meeting

Oslo, Norway, 8-11 April 2013

The European Regional Meeting of the ILO brings together Government, Employer and Worker representatives of the 51 countries of the region every four years.

Organized in collaboration with the Government of the Kingdom of Norway, the  European Regional Meeting provided an opportunity for tripartite representatives of the 51 countries of the European and Central Asian Region to share their experiences and to discuss the response to the economic and jobs crisis in the region, looking at levels of social protection, social dialogue and the application of labour law.

Reporting from the meeting

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    The Oslo Declaration

    Restoring confidence in jobs and growth

    Government, worker and employer delegates from Europe and Central Asia adopted a resolution to help countries affected by the crisis to overcome its negative economic, social and political consequences and restore trust in the region.

  1. Draft report of the meeting

  2. Report of the Credentials Committee

  3. Programme and participants

Background documents

  1. Report of the ILO's Director-General

    "Jobs, growth and social justice"

    For optimal reading on your mobile, tablet or desktop, the report is available in EPUB, MOBI and PDF

    Analysis of the challenges facing the crisis-hit region of Europe and Central Asia and policy recommendations for sustainable and job-centred recovery.

  2. Discussion papers for the high-level & thematic panels
  3. Youth guarantees: A response to the youth employment crisis?