May 2023

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    Is an algorithm your next hiring manager?

    11 May 2023

    The latest Future of Work podcast explores the challenges and opportunities of using artificial intelligence during the recruitment process.

  2. Safety at work

    As temperatures soar worldwide, experts gather to tackle heat stress at work

    10 May 2023

    The Government of Qatar and the ILO held an international conference on occupational heat stress in Doha on May 9-10, 2023. The conference brought together international experts, government officials, workers’ and employers’ organizations to share experiences and strategies to prevent and mitigate the impact of heat stress on workers worldwide.

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    Aviation sector

    New recommendations call for human-centered approach in the aviation sector

    05 May 2023

    Delegates from governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations have adopted new recommendations to promote decent work and ensure the sustainability of the aviation sector.

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    ILO joins informal meeting of EU Ministers of Employment and Social Policy on mismatch between skills and jobs

    04 May 2023

    At the Informal meeting of the EU Ministers of Employment and Social Policy (EPSCO), Heinz Koller, ILO Assistant Director-General, underlined the importance of adapting skills policies to anticipate skills needs for future green jobs.

  5. © Stephan Gladieu / World Bank 2023

    Global Action Plan for Healthy Lives and Well-being for All

    Local collaboration is key for global progress towards health-related SDGs

    04 May 2023

    Since its launch in 2019, the SDG3 GAP has improved coordination in key areas such as sustainable financing and primary health care to reach the Global Goals.

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    Open Access policy at the ILO

    The International Labour Organization goes Open Access

    03 May 2023

    The public will now be able to re-use all new ILO knowledge products without seeking permission, if they cite the ILO.

  7. Enabling Success: Supporting Youth in MENA in their Transition from Learning to Decent Work

    The Middle East and North Africa urgently needs relevant education, training and lifelong learning systems to tackle youth unemployment and skills gaps

    03 May 2023

    A new report sets out a roadmap for bringing education and training systems in line with current and future labour market needs to boost youth employment in the MENA region.

April 2023

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    ILOSTAT Blog

    Beyond the numbers: Exploring the relationship between collective bargaining coverage and inequality

    28 April 2023

    Collective bargaining plays a key role in promoting decent work and improving working conditions. But what does the ILO’s industrial relations data show regarding the relationship between collective bargaining coverage, trade union density, and outcomes for workers? How can we assess the impact on workers’ lives?

  2. © gorodenkoff 2023


    Artificial Intelligence and the world of work: Should we be scared?

    28 April 2023

    Artificial intelligence, or AI, isn’t a tool for the future, it’s already here, creating, destroying and re-shaping jobs and business practices. So how will AI really affect the world of work?

  3. World Day for Safety and Health at Work

    Why safety and health at work is essential for social justice

    28 April 2023

    In a statement to mark World Day for Safety and Health, the ILO Director-General, Gilbert F. Houngbo, outlines the critical importance of safe and healthy working environments.