Socio-Economic Technical Papers (SETP)

Resource list | 09 July 2010

SETP No. 19: Rural Road Maintenance: Sustaining the Benefits of Improved Access - Chris Donnges, Geoff Edmonds, and Bjorn Johannessen

SETP No. 18. Employment-Intensive Investments for Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction - Eric de Vries (Not Available)

SETP No. 17: Danish Support to the Employment-Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) 1996-2004 Final Evaluation - Kaj Thorndahl

SETP No. 16: The food-to-work policy and expansion of rural employment in poor areas in Western China - Jiang Zhongyi

SETP No. 15: The construction sector in the People's Republic of China: Policy analysis on sectoral development and employment challenges - Qian Xiaoying Zhao Hui

SETP No. 14: The Economic Value of Incremental Employment in the South African Construction Sector - Barry Standish

SETP No. 13: Community contracts in urban infrastructure works: practical lessons from experience | (in French) - Jane Tournée et Wilma van Esch (version Française adaptée et élargie par Jean-Louis de Bie)

SETP No. 12: Infrastructure Development and the Informal Sector in The Philippines - Sandra Yu

SETP No. 11: Organisation, Negotiation and Contracting: Case Study of West Gandak and Marchawar Lift Irrigation Systems (Nepal) - Khem Raj Sharma

SETP No. 10: Employment and Social Investment Funds in Central/Eastern Europe and The Commonwealth of Independant States (CEE/CIS) - Piet Goovaerts

SETP No. 9: Socio-economic Development Initiative (SDI) - A discussion paper on planning and implementing socio-economic investments - A. Van der Goes and S. Mastwijk

SETP No. 8: The DANIDA Support to the Employment-Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) - An External Evaluation - Kaj Thorndahl

SETP No. 7: Employment and Social Investment Funds in Latin America - Gabriel Siri

SETP No. 6: An opportunity for employment creation: Labour-based technology in roadworks - The macro-economic dimension, Uganda - Gary Taylor and Moses Bekakkye

SETP No. 5: An independent thematic evaluation: ILO's employment intensive programme - Michael Hopkins

SETP No. 4: Participation and poverty alleviation in Sub-Saharan Africa - Review of the literature and practice - Peter Oakley and Ian Clegg

SETP No. 2: Rapid assessment of poverty impacts (RAPI) - Elaboration of a rapid survey method of assessing the poverty reduction impacts of pilot employment-intensive projects - Laura Murphy

SETP No. 1: Of nets and assets. Effects and impacts of employment-intensive programmes - A review of the ILO experience - Willem Keddeman