Issues in Employment and Poverty Discussion Papers

Resource list | 23 February 2010

24. Employment creation programmes: The international experience - Stephen Devereux and Colette Solomon

23. Employment-poverty linkages and pro-poor growth: A synthesis paper based on country studies of Bangladesh, Bolivia and Ethiopia - Rasheda Selim

22. Towards a more employment-intensive and pro-poor economic growth in Ethiopia: Issues and policies - Mulat Demeke, Fantu Guta and Tadele Ferede

21. Growth, Employment and Poverty in Mozambique - Tilman Brück and Katleen van den Broek

20. Economic growth, employment, and poverty reduction linkages: The case of Thailand - Medhi Krongkaew, Suchittra Chamnivickorn and Isriya Nitithanprapas

19. Growth, Employment and Poverty - An Analysis of the Vital Nexus based on some Recent UNDP and ILO/SIDA Studies - Azizur Rahman Khan

18. The Role of Employment in Promoting the Millennium Development Goals - S. R. Osmani

17. Employment Route to Poverty Reduction in Bangladesh: Role of Self-Employment and Wage Employment - R.I. Rahman

16. Economic Growth, Employment, Poverty and Pro-poor policies in Uganda - K.I.B. Kabananukye, A.E.K. Kabananukye, J. Krishnamurty & D. Owomugasho

15. Growth, Inequality and Poverty: A Comparative Study of China's Experience in the Periods Before and After the Asian Crisis - A.R. Khan

14. The Nexus of Economic Growth, Employment and Poverty Reduction: An Empirical Analysis - Rizwanul Islam

13. The Nexus of Economic Growth, Employment and Poverty during Economic Transition: An Analysis of Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan - Nina Torm

12. Growth, Employment, Poverty and Policies in Ethiopia: An Empirical Investigation - Mulat Demeke, Fantu Guta and Tadele Ferede

11. Employment-Poverty Linkages and Policy: The case of Bolivia - Luis Carlos Jemio and María del CarmenChoque

10. Employment Poverty Linkages: Bangladesh - Rushidan Islam Rahman and K.M. Nabiul Islam

9. Employment Poverty Linkages and Policies for Pro-poor Growth in Vietnam - Pham Lan Huong, Bui Quang Tuan and Dinh Hien Minh.

8. Labour Market Policies, Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction: Lessons and Non-lessons from the Comparative Experiences of East, South East and South Asia - R. Islam

7. Rural Employment in India: Current Situation, Challenges and Potential for Expansion - G.K Chadha

6. Bangladesh: Bringing Poverty Focus in Rural Infrastructure Development - M.K. Mujeri

5. From Workfare to Fair Work: The Contribution of Public Works and other Labour-Based Infrastructure Programmes to Poverty Alleviation - S. Devereux

4. The Working Poor in India: Employment-Poverty Linkages and Employment Policy Options - K. Sundaram and S.D. Tendulkar

3. The Contribution of Public Works and Other Labour-Based Infrastructure to Poverty Alleviation: The Indian Experience - R. Nayyer

2. Employment Implications of the Global Economic Slowdown 2001: Responding with a Social Focus - R. Islam

1. Employment Policies for Poverty Reduction - A. Khan