Events and meetings

November 2022

  1. Promoting international labour standards and decent work for social justice, peace and resilience

    3 November 2022

    The in-person workshop is organized by the ILO in collaboration with the ITUC, IOE and the Geneva Graduate Institute’s Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding (CCDP).

October 2022

  1. Regional technical training on trade and employment for specialists from Southern Mediterranean countries

    31 October - 4 November 2022

  2. G7 Technical meeting on monitoring and tracking green jobs and skills in official development assistance

    26 October 2022

    This session will present results from a mapping exercise of G7 countries approaches to jobs monitoring and how these techniques can reflect changes in the labour market linked to climate change.

  3. Symposium on Measuring Quality of Employment and Long-Term Employment Impacts

    20 - 21 October 2022

    A symposium on measuring quality of employment and long-term employment impacts was held from 20-21 October 2022 at the ILO headquarters. It was part of the EU-funded STRENGTHEN2 project.

  4. The impact of trade union and democracy rights on trade: An industry-level study

    6 October 2022

    EMPLOYMENT Seminar #41. The seminar will present a paper that endeavours to shed light on the impact of freedom of association and collective bargaining rights on international trade by using new indicators in law and in practice developed by the authors, along with the Freedom House democracy indicators.

September 2022

  1. High Level Policy Dialogue: Global Accelerator on Jobs and Social Protection For Just Transition at Work in Africa

    15 September 2022

    The ILO in collaboration with the African Union will hold a high level policy dialogue centres around how African constituents can harness the opportunities of the Global Accelerator to create decent jobs and accelerate social protection coverage towards regional targets.

June 2022

  1. Information Sharing Session on SKILLS KSP Platform and YouthForesight Knowledge Facility

    22 June 2022

    As part of its efforts to advocate for knowledge and capacity building on employment-related issues, the ILO Employment Policy Department has developed two major knowledge platforms: the Skills and Lifelong Learning Knowledge Sharing Platform (SKILLS KSP) and the YouthForesight knowledge facility. ILO EMPLAB and SKILLS jointly organize this information session to introduce the platforms and activities around them.

  2. Integrated National Financing Frameworks (INFFs) to support full and productive employment and decent work for all

    16 June 2022

May 2022

  1. Indigenous peoples, climate change and the role of decent work for a just and peaceful transition

    23 May 2022

    As part of the Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development (23-25 May 2022), the ILO, together with the Indigenous Major Group for Sustainable Development and the Right Energy Partnership with Indigenous Peoples, facilitated an online roundtable session on indigenous peoples, climate change and the role of decent work for a just and peaceful transition.

  2. Technical session on mechanisms for strengthening social protection and local recovery

    23 May 2022

    The event focused on how to build resilience through recovery in a post COVID-19 world by providing examples of innovative social protection measures and encouraging the development of integrated policy solutions that create decent work and strengthen social protection to "build forward" together, new and better.

  3. Maximising green in the industrialisation path of African countries

    19 May 2022

    EMPLOYMENT Seminar #40. This seminar will present a view on the potential green industrialisation path in African countries and the role of green industrial policies in the continent.

  4. Understanding automation and employment in the apparel and automotive sectors

    12 May 2022

    Organized by the “Building Partnerships on the Future of Work” project, this webinar will bring together experts to share knowledge on the automotive, apparel and footwear industries and discuss technological change and the future of work in these sectors. Interpretation in English and Spanish will be provided.

  5. Technical tripartite webinar for the ratification campaign of ILO Conventions on Employment Service, and Private Employment Agencies

    12 May 2022

    This tripartite webinar aims to raise awareness of the importance of the fundamental role played by the Employment Service Convention, 1948 (No. 88) and the Private Employment Agencies Convention, 1997 (No. 181) in supporting a human-centred, job-rich recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and helping workers and employers adapt to challenges in rapidly changing labour markets.

  6. Labour market transitions and life courses

    5 May 2022

    This webinar will present and discuss recent research undertaken or commissioned by the ILO and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission on transitions from or into self-employment in Europe and on available data sources to measure changing life courses.

April 2022

  1. Labour overview of Latin America and the Caribbean in times of COVID-19

    29 April 2022

    EMPLOYMENT Seminar #39 - This seminar will present an updated overview of labour and income indicators of Latin America and the Caribbean since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic to the end of 2021 to better understand the impact as well as the stage of recovery and serve as a basis to see which employment and labour market policies had an impact.

  2. Employment Impact Assessments and Informality: The effectiveness of interventions to reduce informality in low- and middle-income countries

    7 April 2022

    EMPLOYMENT Seminar #38. This seminar will discuss the effectiveness of interventions to reduce informality based on a recent systematic review of impact studies.

March 2022

  1. Lessons from the COVID-19 crisis: An unprecedented role for labour market policies?

    28 March 2022

    This webinar will take stock of the different labour market policies and programmes employed during the COVID-19 crisis, highlight key lessons and gaps in their implementation, and identify major issues for further policy monitoring during the recovery period. The event is supported by GIZ.

  2. ILO Skills Structured Funding Dialogue

    28 March 2022

    The objective of this event is to bring together development partners to seek their commitment and support to the Global Programme on Skills and Lifelong Learning.

  3. Panel discussion on women’s empowerment in the world of work in fragile settings

    22 March 2022

    The event was an opportunity to launch the ILO Guide “Gender equality and women’s empowerment in the world of work in fragile, conflict and disaster settings” and to engage in a global conversation with constituents, partner organizations and other stakeholders in the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus on how best to effectively mainstream gender equality and non-discrimination in the world of work faced by crisis and fragility in order to pave the way to more equal, peaceful and resilient societies.

  4. Technological innovations in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

    10 March 2022

    The objective of this webinar is to provide policymakers and practitioners with a platform for an open discussion during which knowledge, experience and innovative ideas associated with the digitalisation of RPL are shared.