WTO-ILO workshop on global trade and employment

WTO and ILO co-organized this workshop of leading international researchers to explore the knowledge frontier on the relationship between trade and employment.

The aims of the workshop were to:

- identify and report on the latest research being carried out on global trade and employment
- discuss policy options for governments on trade and employment
- develop a list of priority issues for research on trade and employment.

The workshop was part of on-going research collaboration between the WTO and the ILO on global trade and employment.


31 August 2009

Opening Remarks (Chair: Patrick Low)

Pascal Lamy, Director-General WTO

Juan Somavia, Director-General ILO

Introduction to workshop set-up and objectives (Chair: Patrick Low)

Marion Jansen

Theme 1: Offshoring and Labour Demand (Chair: Marc Bacchetta)

Holger Görg - Presentation

Rosario Crino - Presentation

Herbert Brücker - Presentation

Theme 2: Trade, Firms and Employment (firm level data, new trade theory) (Chair: Marion Jansen)

Steve Redding and Peter Schott - Presentation

Welcoming words Victor K. Fung, Chairman, International Chamber of Commerce and ICC Research Foundation

Theme 3: Trade and Inequality (Chair: Steve Redding)

Nina Pavcnik - Presentation

Vanessa Strauss-Kahn - Presentation

Guanghua Wan - Presentation

Sangheon Lee - Presentation

Theme 4: Trade, Informality and Other Aspects of Job Quality (Chair: Nina Pavcnik)

Marco Fugazza - Presentation

Anushree Sinha - Presentation

Sam Olofin and Abiodun Folwewo - Presentation

1 September 2009

Theme 5: Labour Market Adjustment to Trade Reform (Chair: Richard Newfarmer)

Marc Muendler - Presentation

Guido Porto - Presentation

Steven Matusz - Presentation

Theme 6: Trade, FDI and Skills/skill Upgrading (Chair: Marc Muendler)

Francis Kramarz - Presentation

Paula Bustos - Presentation

Theme 7: Trade and Labour Market Regulation/institutions (Chair: Marcelo Olarreaga)

Rana Hasan - Presentation

Theme 8: Trade, FDI and Bargaining Power of Workers (Chair: Marco Fugazza)

Lucio Baccaro - Presentation

Devashish Mitra - Presentation

Workshop report by rapporteurs

Presentation (Marc Bacchetta, Marion Jansen)

Closing discussion: Priority Themes for Future Research

Concluding remarks

José Manuel Salazar, Executive Director, Employment Sector, ILO

Alejandro Jara, Deputy Director General, WTO