Areas of work

Responding to the call for dignity at work, for voice and participation and for societies built on respect for human rights is central to supporting the transition to stable and peaceful democracies in
the Arab states.

Together with our tripartite partners – governments, workers and employers – the ILO Regional Office for the Arab states works to foster social justice with decent work opportunities through sustainable enterprises, higher productivity and growth with equity.

We do this through working towards the four strategic objectives of the Decent Work Agenda:

  • Creating jobs;
  • extending social protection;
  • increasing social dialogue; and
  • guaranteeing rights at work
The ILO response to the challenge of decent work in the Arab region is anchored in the principles of the Global Jobs Pact, the ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization, the Arab Decade for Employment (2010-2020) and the Arab Action Agenda for Employment.