Green Jobs and Climate Change

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region stands on the brink of a pivotal transformation. Facing accelerated climate change, with rising temperatures and water scarcity threatening food security and livelihoods, the region is at a crossroads. The transition to a green economy presents a beacon of hope – a chance to redefine development paradigms and usher in a future of sustainability and inclusivity.

The ILO's Regional Office for Arab States is at the forefront of fostering this Just Transition, working to align the labour market with environmental sustainability through its Decent Work Agenda. Initiatives include enhancing green job opportunities, integrating gender and social protection, and fostering regional cooperation to address climate change impacts. The ILO's commitment is exemplified in its active role in policy-making, supporting national climate goals, and creating a framework for green economies across the MENA region. See More.

In Brief

Policy Development and Advocacy
  • Assessing the social and employment impacts of green industrial growth.
  • Facilitating dialogues on climate change and migration.
  • Advocating for integrated climate, industrial, and just transition policies.
Capacity Building and Skills Development
  • Offering vocational training in renewable energy sectors.
  • Implementing upskilling programs for green jobs.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and SME development in green sectors.
Direct Interventions and Achievements
  • Generating thousands of green jobs through Employment Intensive Investment Programmes.
  • Enhancing the resilience of MSMEs in conflict-affected areas.
  • Supporting renewable energy initiatives and infrastructural improvements.