Resources on Equality and non-discrimination in the Arab States

  1. Groundbreaking Iraqi national strategy set to reduce inequalities in the world of work

    07 March 2024

    Launch of the Iraq National Strategy to Prevent and Reduce Inequalities in the World of Work marks a significant milestone in the country's journey towards a more inclusive and equitable labour market.

  2. Iraq National Strategy to prevent and reduce inequalities in the World of Work (2024-2028)

    07 March 2024

  3. ILO Convention 190: The Right of Everyone to a World of Work Free from Violence and Harassment in the Arab States

    21 November 2023


    25 October 2023

  5. Infographic: New reforms for the extension of social protection to migrant workers in the GCC countries

    25 October 2023

  6. Infographic: Gaps in access to social protection of Nepalese migrant workers in the Gulf countries

    25 October 2023

  7. Social protection coverage for national and migrant workers in the formal private sector in the GCC countries.

    25 October 2023

    The infographic charts the systems of social protection available for workers in the private sector in each country of the GCC.

  8. The first female Palestinian aluminium technicians break barriers with ILO support

    21 September 2023

    The ILO has supported the successful completion of an aluminium sector work-based apprenticeship programme in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, culminating in the employment of the first Palestinian women as aluminium technicians. This marks a significant milestone in the quest for gender equality and women’s economic empowerment in the region.

  9. New study advances the transition of Palestinian informal industry workers through social dialogue

    18 September 2023

    An ILO study has equipped stakeholders and the tripartite partners with evidence-based data and tools to safeguard society, workers, and employers alike in informal economies through collaborative effort in labour market governance and social dialogue. The validation workshop serves as a milestone in the Social Dialogue for Formalization and Employability in the Southern Neighbourhood Region (SOLIFEM) project, co-funded by the European Union and the ILO.

  10. Rehabilitated Institutional Nursery at Jordan’s Ministry of Labour Inaugurated

    18 July 2023

    The development, achieved with ILO support, aims to set a model for other institutional nurseries throughout the country, with the aim of enhancing women's participation in the labour market and promoting gender equality.