While economies in Africa experience different levels of economic growth and development, overall the region is increasingly attracting investment and experiencing growth leading to greater economic stability. The private sector, together with Employer and Business Membership Organizations (EBMOs) play a critical role in driving sustainable economic growth and generating employment.

ACT/EMP and its field specialists in Cairo, Dakar, Pretoria, and Yaoundé works at both regional and national levels to strengthen the capacity of EBMOs particularly in strategic planning, service delivery and policy advocacy. ACT/EMP's work includes a specific focus on sustainable growth through and promoting sustainable enterprises and productive employment. Other focus areas for the region include youth employment, child labour, green jobs, HIV/AIDS, labour migration, social protection and labour standards.

Recent examples of ACT/EMP's work together with EBMOs in the region in include providing training on corporate social responsibility; supporting the development of women's entrepreneurship and business networks and training; developing labour law or industrial relations guides that highlight core ILO conventions and the implications for business; developing internal strategies for advocacy and evidenced-based policy position papers; and supporting growth of EBMOs services particularly those related to small- and medium-sized enterprises.